Dickerson & Bowen

Products and Services

At Dickerson & Bowen, we take pride in providing you with a complete set of applications to meet all of you design and budget requirements. Our products include:

Hot Mix Asphalt Production, Sales, & Placement

If you've got a paving project we can help. Dickerson & Bowen has the people, equipment, and expertise to provide you with the highest quality roadway. Our experience includes paving projects such as driveways, parking lots, city or county roads, and state highways. If you desire we can also provide site and drainage work to prepare your site for paving. For free estimates call 601.969.2002.

If you do your own paving work or already have a contractor Dickerson & Bowen would love to provide the paving materials. Our asphalt plants are strategically located in order to conveniently supply all of you asphalt needs. Whether you are a contractor, sub-contractor, or municipality there is a mix to suite your need.

Our asphalt plants are located in Jackson, Brookhaven, McComb, Carthage, & Pickens.

Chip Seal and Emulsion Applications

Do your roads need preventative maintenance? If so a chip seal may be just the thing. It's a quality application that can preserve your roads for years to come and will allow you maintain more miles of roadway with your budget. Our chip seal applications include single and double bituminous surface treatments as well as prime coats and fog seals.

Aggregate Production & Sales:

At Dickerson & Bowen, we control raw material costs and quality through the use of our own mining facilities. Start to finish we are looking out for you best interest. Our three facilities produce various grades of sand and gravel and have the expertise to advise you on which product will meet your business or personal construction needs.